Ellie ended up back at the vet again today. That’s the third time just this year (and she’s not even 1-year-old yet). Needless to say… I’m worried about her.

The good ole doc seems to think it’s around the same thing I took her in for last time. But he couldn’t decide if the sweeping of her eye was from a sinus infection or some sort of trauma.

I’m realizing quickly that there’s not very much known about bird illnesses (i.e. causes/symptoms) and to tell you the truth it’s downright frustrating! I’d like to be able to know what’s causing Ellie to get sick so I can help her not to feel the way she is right now.

If there are any bird owners out there who have had experience with sinus infections and/or swollen eyes, please please let me know how you overcame it! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!